World Environment Day Highlights Deadly Cost of Plastic

World Environment Day Highlights Deadly Cost of Plastic
Fonte: IPS

ROME, May 31 2018 (IPS) – On June 5th, World Environment Day will be hosted in India under the banner of “Beat Plastic Pollution,” aiming to raise awareness and civic engagement alongside creating a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment.

World Environment Day addresses four main campaigns. First, it seeks to decrease the amount of single-use plastic items. Second, it will try to improve plastic waste management, since plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, poisoning the soil and even getting into the food we eat.

Third, it aims to phase out microplastics because recent studies show that 90 percent of bottled water and 83 percent of tap water contain plastic particles which affect blood, stomach and lungs. Finally, this global platform intends to coordinate further research in order to create alternatives to plastic.

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