These Are the Ways Plastics Can Mess Up Your Body

These Are the Ways Plastics Can Mess Up Your Body
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Plastic Planet is a series on the global plastics crisis that evaluates the environmental and human costs and considers possible solutions to this devastating man-made problem.
Plastics surround us. We eat out of plastic, store food in it, buy food wrapped in it, put it in our eyes in the form of contact lenses, drink out of it — it’s inescapable and, admittedly, incredibly useful. But a growing body of evidence shows that plastics are likely harming human health in a number of ways, and in the United States, there’s little government oversight to stop it.

Collectively, the world produces almost 300 million tons of plastic each year, and half of that is single-use plastic that’s thrown away after its first use, according to the nonprofit Plastic Oceans International. Of the plastics humans have produced since the 1950s, just as commercial plastics were marketed and became readily available to consumers, only 9% of it has been recycled, Greenpeace reports.

We have so much plastic because it’s durable, useful in many forms, and often cheap to purchase. But in the last decade, scientists have discovered that the chemicals that hold plastics together are likely having a negative impact on human health. Beyond limiting exposure altogether — which would prove difficult — there’s only so much we can do to protect our bodies from these impacts, which may be gradual, but can also be long-lasting.

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