Sea salt contains an alarming amount of microplastics

Sea salt contains an alarming amount of microplastics

Sea salt has become a trendy source for salt compared to refined varieties (even though there are little or no measurable health benefits to using sea salt over other forms of sodium chloride), but its perception as a “natural” alternative could soon change after a slew of studies looking at the plastic content of sea salts.

It turns out that one kilogram of sea salt can contain as many as 600 microplastics, according to a study out of East China Normal University. To put that in perspective, if you consume the daily recommended amount of salt (around 5 grams per day), that means you’re ingesting about three microplastics per day. And most Americans consume much more salt than that.
Even more alarming, this particular study didn’t sort out and count all the microplastics it found in sea salt individually. Instead, the results merely represent an estimate based on the proportion of particles that were recovered. So the actual number of microplastics might be even larger than the 600 that were concluded in this study.

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