Plastic pollution: Vomiting skeleton displayed in Aberystwyth

Plastic pollution: Vomiting skeleton displayed in Aberystwyth
Fonte: BBC
A skeleton vomiting washed-up plastic “shocked and amazed” people on Aberystwyth’s seafront.

Walker Wright, 37, created the driftwood artwork to “bring attention to the issue of plastic waste, not just in my community but in the world”.

The Borth artist displayed the piece for a few hours on Saturday and is now looking for a permanent home for it.

He named the work Our Illness as he sees “the plastic problem” as a sickness.

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“Not just a physical illness that can make us sick because of what plastic can do to our bodies, but also an illness of the mind through greed and overconsumption,” he said.

The artist, who found the plastic on beaches, said passers-by reacted to his piece with “shock and amazement”.

It took him six months to come up with the concept and four weeks to make the artwork.

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