Plastic Packaging and the Environment

Plastic Packaging and the Environment
Fonte: BPF
Is plastic packaging bad for the environment?
No. Many people don’t realise that plastic packaging provides many environmental benefits.

Studies have also shown that if there was no plastics packaging available and other materials were used, the overall packaging consumption of packaging mass, energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions would increase.

Source: The impact of plastic packaging on life cycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in Europe: Executive Summary July 2011, Bernd Brandt and Harald Pilz

Plastic packaging is also lightweight and strong — this means we use fewer vehicles and less fuel to transport it. Plastic packaging makes a positive contribution to saving resources and reducing emissions.

Other “single-use” items, such as plastic packaging of fruit and vegetables, provide hygienic ways to purchase food and reduce waste, which reduces overall resource consumption. Grapes sold in sealed trays rather than loose bunches typically have reduced waste in stores by over 20%. Plastic packaging has also brought important innovations to keep food fresh and reduce wastage in the home.

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