Microplastics threaten dinner table in Korea

Microplastics threaten dinner table in Korea
Fonte: The Korea Times
Korea has been struggling to ban plastic use at cafes and restaurants, but even without plastic cups or straws, the material is already on the table, in an invisible way.

Recent studies have shown that microplastics are in seafood and even in salt. Microplastics are small plastic debris, less than 5 millimeters long, according to the definition by the U.S. National Ocean Service. Usually decomposed from disposed of plastic objects, they can be harmful to the oceans and aquatic life.

According to research on food safety management, conducted by the Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology last year, 14 different kinds of microplastics were found in mussels, scallops and four types of clams, sold at seafood markets in Seoul, Gwangju and Busan.

In 100 grams of Manila clams, there were 34 microplastics and 12 each were found in mussels and scallops.
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