Gut check: the new crisis of plastic in the human body

Gut check: the new crisis of plastic in the human body
Fonte: The Globe and Mail
Rick Smith is the executive director of the Broadbent Institute and the co-author with Bruce Lourie of Slow Death by Rubber Duck

I have an embarrassing secret to share.

About once a month, late at night so my neighbours won’t see, I find myself easing my 6-foot 6-inch frame into the top of our family’s recycling blue bin in the alley beside our house. Standing at more than a metre tall and containing the equivalent of six blue boxes, the bin is enormous – the largest the City of Toronto offers. The problem is that, despite its capacious interior, it’s become too small to contain the recyclables that our family of four, including two preteen boys, regularly disgorges.

So, on a more regular basis than I care to admit, there I stand, jumping up and down to compact the bin’s overflowing contents to buy us a few extra days of disposal. The (meagre) upside of this gruesome experience is that it allows me to examine – up close and personal – the sum total of my family’s detritus. Unsurprisingly, virtually everything squishing beneath my feet is plastic. Plastic bottles, plastic wrap, plastic bags and the small plastic sarcophagi that encase every leafy green at our local supermarket are the most common items: a microcosm of our society’s accelerating plastic addiction.
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