Could We Be Inhaling Plastic?

Could We Be Inhaling Plastic?
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The impact of plastic on our health and environment could be more damaging than we thought.
If the conversation on plastic hasn’t already hurled you into an apocalyptic end-of-the-world spiral, the newest studies on the health impact of plastic in the environment will. Lately, we’ve been bombarded by facts on the impact single-use plastics have had on our environment, especially our oceans—killing marine life, ending up in our seafood, and bleaching coral reefs. Microbeads—once an ingredient du jour in beauty products—were banned in July 2017 because it was becoming increasingly apparent that they were washing up into our water supply and oceans. We’ve also long heard warnings about BPA plastic water bottles and food containers and were cautioned on leaving single-use water bottles in the sun because of the risk of leaching chemicals into its contents. So plastic has always been a problem.
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