A Beautiful World: Europe bans single-use plastic

A Beautiful World: Europe bans single-use plastic
Fonte: MPR News
In an environmentally historic vote, the European Parliament has moved to ban single-use plastic products across Europe. This ban outlaws plastic bags, straws, plates, cups, drink stirrers and cotton swabs.

Every year, 80 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean — at a rate of a dump truck every minute. A member of the European Parliament from Belgium, Frederique Ries, helped craft the bill and called the EU ban on single-use plastic “a victory for our oceans, for the environment and for future generations.”
It was a victory brought about in part by the BBC television program “Blue Planet,” hosted by David Attenborough, who says he was overwhelmed by the public’s response.
“We hoped that ‘Blue Planet II’ would open people’s eyes to the damage we are doing to the oceans and the creatures that live in them … I’ve been absolutely astonished at the result that program has had. I never imagined quite so many of you would be inspired to want change,” he said.

The European Parliament voted 571-53 in favor of the single-use plastics ban. The ban is wide-ranging and will have a major impact on consumers and retailers alike. Erin Simon, director of sustainability at the World Wildlife Fund, said the ban is cause for celebration — and caution.

“A rapid pace of innovation and proliferation of plastic has outpaced our ability to manage it,” Simon said. “When this plastic ends up in nature, it doesn’t break down quickly. It takes hundreds of years. That has really bad impact on those ecosystems and of course the people who depend on those. That’s wildlife and humans.”

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